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Accra 2 Cape Coast

Accra - Cape Coast

From Accra to Cape Coast: Explore Ghana's geography, culture, Elmina Castle, and meet stingless bees

3 Days Northern Region Tour

Larabanga Mosque - Mole National Park

Discover Northern Region highlights: explore Mole National Park’s wildlife and visit the ancient Larabanga Mosque with its historic Quran.

Accra to Kintampo adventure! Explore Ashanti history at Manhyia Palace, shop Kejetia Market, and see the legendary Okomfo Anokye Sword. Cultural immersion awaits!

5 Days Northern Region Tour

Northern Region - Upper East

Discover Northern Ghana: safaris at Mole National Park, the 15th-century Larabanga Mosque, crocodiles at Paga Pond, history at Pikworo Slave Camp, ancient Tongo Hills, local cuisine, Tamale Cultural Centre, and shea butter processing.

A Single Day Tour At Volta Region

Wli Waterfalls - Monkey Sanctuary

Explore Ghana's Volta Region: visit Wli Waterfalls, hike Agumatsa Sanctuary, and meet mona monkeys at Tafi Atome Sanctuary. Enjoy nature's beauty and local wildlife.

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Tourist Knowledge Essentials

Asabaako Festival
An Unforgettable 10-Day Tour 1st to 10th March 2024, Ghana The producers of the AsaBaako Festival have partnered with Wild Tours Ltd to offer an extraordinary 10-day holiday experience as part of the festival. From 1st to 10th March 2024, travelers will embark on a captivating journey through vibrant cultures, breathtaking landscapes, and the exhilarating […]
A Hidden Gem of Ghana’s Natural Reserves Ghana, frequently known as the “Gateway to West Africa,” is a beautiful country rich in culture, history, and scenic beauty. While many visitors are familiar with its vibrant cities, historical sites, Shai Hills Resource Reserve is a hidden gem that offers an unforgettable experience for nature lovers and […]
10 Things to know before visiting Ghana this December “Practical recommendations that will have you feeling like a local right from the start” Are you planning an exciting adventure to Ghana this Detty December? Congratulations! You will undoubtedly have a wonderful and life changing experience.  You may have completed all of your research, picked out […]

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The best tour with the best guides I had to best time!! I was able to be picked up and dropped off at my location, which was amazing… the staff were so great and friendly. The tour allowed me to see multiple different areas and enjoyed local food. The reserve was spectacular and the caves were fun! The boat cruise was the perfect way to end the day and see the lake :) I would highly recommend if you like outdoor activities and want to see beautiful scenery.
Erin W
Adventure in the Accra area Wonderful adventure, for both young and older, nature lovers, globetrotters and adventure seekers - The tour guide is attentive to details and the day is packed with activities of all sorts - a definite yes if you are in the Accra area,
Sandra S
Good look at natural Ghana. Would have given a 5, but we were not able to see the caves due to rain. Would recommend and will contact for future visits.
Must have experience! I was in Ghana for a friends wedding but also really wanted to experience Ghana, this tour did just that. Being my first time here, I did not know what to expect and was given this tour as a recommendation from friends who are native to the country and i was pleasantly surprised at how rich Ghana is in its history and culture. The day started very early where we were picked up from our apartments so that we could avoid the traffic (which i was stuck in one of the other days travelling by Uber so i was really thankful we started out early for the tour to avoid this). We were met by Lucy and picked up our other guide Sam, both of them were very informative and knowledgeable giving us great insight into Ghanaian culture whilst we were on the drive and took great care of my friend and I throughout the whole day. The van we travelled in was large enough for 3 people to stretch our legs, was air conditioned and we were also able to connect to WiFi. Our first stop was Kakum national park, which was roughly a 2 hours drive from Accra. We did a little hike up to the canopy walk with a guide. I suffer with back/hip issues so it was a little tricky for me, but Sam made sure he had my back throughout the whole time in case i was a little unsteady on my feet which I was grateful for. The hike itself was a path up through the greener with a guide and displayed natures best with the guide giving information on how the park is conserved and what it offers and the canopy walk made for some stunning views. The second stop was Elmina castle. We were introduced to another guide who gave the account and history of how slave trade started in Ghana taking us on a tour around the castle. His knowledge and the detail given in his accounts was incredible, it inspired me to see someone so passionate about what they are talking about and it kept me engaged throughout. This for me was a very humbling think you know, but until you are there you really don't. After this we had lunch at lemon beach hotel, the hotel itself was lovely but waited a while for food, this I say was something i experienced in Ghana generally. I ordered Prawns and Yam Chips which when it arrived was worth the wait - really good fresh food seasoned perfectly. From the hotel we went to Cape Coast castle, this was a bigger castle compared to Elmina castle. I chose not to do the tour here as we had already gone through the history at Elmina, so I chose to explore the grounds itself after which we made our way back to our apartment. On the way back we made some stop offs to buy local produce from the road stands (in my case coconut water) all which added to the day. All in all a great day by Wild Tours, I would definitely recommend it to anyone travelling to Ghana. Great service, really accommodating and lots of laughs - one day if return to Ghana i will definitely use them for their other tours! Read less
Great day! I did this tour on Wednesday 26th October and I can honestly say it was worth every penny! I have never been to Ghana before this trip so I wanted to see some of the sights and I was recommended this trip. I wasn’t sure what to expect but the day showed the beauty of Ghana and also the rich history which was very informative. The day started by being picked up from our apartments very early but to avoid Accra traffic, it’s a must. We were greeted by Lucy who clearly shows her passion towards the tours wild tours offer and later our guide Sam who showed great enthusiasm towards the tour and made us (two female travellers) feel very safe throughout the day. We made our way Kakum national park which was approx 2 hours away from Accra. We did the canopy walk with a guide which showcased the natural beauty Ghana has to offer and the conservation that goes into maintain such a beautiful place. We later want onto Elmina castle where the slave trade started, we did the tour around the castle which was very informative and the guide around the castle showed great passion towards telling the history of what happened there hundreds of years ago. We then went for lunch at a lovely beach hotel, the wait did take a while but the seafood was delicious and fresh. The final stop for the day was to Cape Coast castle which was a lovely ending to a great day. Throughout the day on the journey we also made stops to try the local produce which was a great addition to the journey. If you want to explore Accra or the surrounding areas, I would highly recommend this tour. I would also like to highlight that Wild Tour company provided a great service and as a female traveller, made myself feel very safe and secure throughout the day. I hope to return to Ghana in the future and I would definitely use this service again!
B T Tran-Marshall
An amazing day at Boti Falls The water felt amazing and the view was magical.It was well worth the 3 and 1/2 hr drive from Accra. The 250 stone steps to climb back up was a challenge but well worth it.Take your time and check out the nature surrounding you as you make your ascent
Dawn O
Excellent Tour Company These guys are top notch. Very attentive and just overall good people. Everyone enjoyed our tour. These are the people to book for your tour. We had a large group (25 people). Trip Advisor limits booking to 15 people, so we had to make two reservations to cover everyone. The Tour company combined us and put us all on one big comfortable bus, versus two smaller vehicles. I am sure you will enjoy it as much as we did.
1st visit to Ghana/Slave castles We had such a great time on this tour with our guide Clement. We had plenty of water & wifi and the vehicle was very comfortable. It's a very emotional experience so come prepared to soak it all in.
Excellent Experience with Excellent Host I had the chance to be paired with Med. I had a great time with him, learning about Cape Coast’s history and the local life in Accra/CC. Met some great ppl and would definitely recommend to others.
Nii is an amazing asset to Wild Tours and Ghana at large; the Trip was mind blowing I was skeptical when Nii called to tell me he was already at our Hotel and I stepped out but didn't see him or the vehicle. I started chatting with him and it turned out he had gone to Fiesta Royale Hotels instead of Fiesta Residences (where we were). We had a good laugh when he arrived at our Hotel eventually - some 18 mins later. I had my reservations about the small red car as more leg room would have made the trip more comfortable, but it proved to be rugged as it went from Accra to Cape Coast and back without any incidents. Nii blew my mind when he led us in prayer before we embarked upon the journey - there was an explanation for that as he stated that in these parts of the world, persons embarking on journeys were expected to commit the journey to the Supreme being. He promised that the trip would not only be about Kakum national Park, Elmina and cape Coast Castle but would be an opportunity to learn more about Ghana. I daresay that I learnt so much about the Culture and people of Ghana on this trip than i knew till that day. Nii was a talker and kept us informed and engaged all through the trip. We stopped by at Zizibi restaurant on the way to Kakum and I had some Ghanaian jollof (still second to the Nigerian jollof though). We couldn't visit the International Sting-less Bees centre because of the small red car (smiles) as the road to the centre is known to be rugged. I learnt about the Fantis, the Gans, the Asantis etc. His sense of humour was equally excellent, and we sort of just connected. His photography skills were equally fantastic as he took quite some shots especially when we were not aware. he also allowed us recreate a scene from our honeymoon trip 10 years ago. Nii, and indeed Wild Tours will be recommended for anyone wishing to have an awesome experience of Ghana....
Kenosky Hills